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Laptops and Desktop Imaging

Part of the services we provide is to help our clients to build their laptops and desktop estate to a standard build. This will help to shape the process of replacing a desktop or laptop whenever it is needed or in the case a laptop or desktop is faulty with a standard build we can easily replace either hardware quickly without any disruption to a clients work.


Desktop support

Desktop support teams are those who visit our clients at their sites or offices. The desktop support team are a group of support analysts that act as the escalation point for the first line support in events when an issue cannot be dealt with remotely then the desktop team has the responsibility to take over and provide a proactive response in resolving the issue.


Service Desk Team

Service Desk Team: these are the first point of contact for any IT issue. They are the group of analyst that picks up the calls and log the faults on the system while they remotely fix the issues at the point of first contact.

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We do provide services in various areas such as infrastructure support, manage It support services, asset management.

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We do provide services in various areas such as Infrastructure Support, Manage IT Support Services, Asset Management


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