Case Studies

Case Studies

Recently, one of our clients, a Solicitors office established in 2008 with their office in the East of London engaged our services.

The challenge

After several years of successful business growth, the computers that were in use within the organization have been there since the firm started operation. Their computer estates consist of various operating systems which were out of date an example of these operating systems in use in the computer estate are Windows Xp and Vista and also the office application still in use is Microsoft office 2003.

Their previous IT provider had taken a blanket approach to its support of the firm and had control of the firm’s entire IT estate.  If the business wanted to make any changes – for example simple password changes, the firm would have to wait for their IT provider to do it for them. The lack of flexibility, and not being able to respond to user requests as quickly as required had become a major frustration for staffs and the business.

The approach

With its move to its new premises, the firm was faced with the option of either to continue with the old estate of computer or to buy new ones with faster processor and more space for their business needs. During the evaluation process, Real Computer Solution was approached and


The solution

The Solicitors’ firm decided to go forward and engage the services of Real Computer Solution and make the move to buy new computers with a new platform of operating system. These comprises of new desktops with Windows 8.1 installed on it and also an upgrade of some desktops which are still fairly new to Windows 7. Real Solutions also implemented remote tools agent for quick support in the event of any technical faults

The benefits

Having purchased new computers which were added to their hardware estates the Solicitors’ firm has been able to realized some major benefits such as increase in productivity and time saving in the process of booting up their computers which was a major problem within the firm, By so doing Real Computer Solution has helped the organization to reduce cost and more efficient in providing legal services to their clients.