Services provided

We do provide services in various areas such as Infrastructure Support, Manage IT Support services, Asset Management.
Infrastructure support is an area that is very important to our various customers this is the backbone of most organization and we do treat them as our own. Due to this reason our clients rely on us for   support which involves, remote monitoring and management of their servers, desktops and printers.
Virtualization IT has revolve round from mainframe system to stand alone server and now virtualization, This technology is here to stay it does not matter what server and desktop systems you have, but virtualization is worth looking into due to the benefits of this technology, and with our experts we are able to provide this service for our clients using VMware and Hyper V for servers and VDI on the Desktop side.
Real use a number of market-leading tools to provide proactive monitoring of your key IT systems. traditionally, it support companies focus on reactive support, only fixing something when it’s broken, meaning issues occur when it’s already too late. Unlike these traditional methods, we at real computer focus much more on providing proactive support to ensure your business can continue to run smoothly, knowing that any issues are resolved before they become disruptive to your business. our software monitors all networked devices which includes your servers printers and a host of other networks devices and with this we have real time analysis of your system performance.


On-line support concept - keyboard with support button

Manage IT support involves various entity in IT which involves a great deal of work to manage and with our services we follow the service level of agreement to make sure our customers receive the best services. This involves deployment of new laptops and servers built specifically to their image specification, providing desktop and service desk support services.

Desktop support teams are those who meet our client on a face to face daily activity and we have to establish ourselves as a leader in the IT world. The desktop support team is a group of support analyst that act as the escalation point for the first line support this thus happen in an event when an issue cannot be dealt with remotely then the desktop team has the responsibility to take over and provide a proactive response in resolving the issue.

Laptops and Desktop Imaging, part of the services we provide is to help our clients to build their laptops and desktop estate to a standard build. This will help to shape the process of replacing a desktop or laptop whenever it is needed or in the case a laptop or desktop is faulty with a standard build we can easily replace either hardware quickly without any disruption to a clients work.


Service Desk tie one these are the first point of contact for any  it issues they are the group of analyst that picks up the calls and also they do present our company in a friendly greetings and trying to make you are happy with the resolution of  our clients issues whenever they call. This team response to your call by logging it on the system and also tries to fix the issues as a point of first contact for any IT related issues  immediately.

Asset Management Services
Asset management is a particular section if which we help our client in taking stock and inventory of both hardware, and software renewals and management.


Software management is the process which we undertake to make sure all software used by our clients are in compliance with agreement with the software provider this is done by making use of tools that scans and audit your desktop or laptop estate for any illegal software installed.

Hardware Management

could be a very demanding task to cover within a big organization such as tracking laptops, phones, printers and some other hardware given to user to work with but with RCS we would help you to make sure everything is Asset tagged and an inventory is kept to show who own such hardware at a particular time and also to check if it is returned if a user leaves the organization.

IT Hardware Procurement

Using RCS for your IT Hardware Procurement ensures you get the right products at the right price.

Apart from purchasing hardware from the right source RCS always make sure we are fully focused on our client’s needs and requirements.

Due to our experience in purchasing hardware we tend to make sure we choose the right equipment for your business. As part of the process of purchasing the right equipment we do our  research in various trending products that we know will fits perfectly and improve productivity of our clients business.